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When she was a child, her daddy used to say:
If you ever need anything, you just have to pray
Cos God loves you dearly, and he’ll take care of you
There’s nothing else that you need to do.

She went to church each Sunday, she learned the Golden Rule
Got married soon after she finished high school
Now seventeen years later, there’s more darkness than there is light
But she prays to God each evening, cos someday he’ll make things right

And she smiles when she sees her friends, while she tucks her fears away
She thinks she sees Him in their eyes, when they ask if she’s doing OK

The kids are good; the job is fine
Everything is happening right on time
Can’t you see life’s good on the outside
It’s all Fine good fine good fine good fine
It’s all Fine good fine good fine good fine

I met her unexpectedly, we became more than just friends
We tried to work the puzzle, to glue the pieces together again
I’ll never know if she didn’t care, or just decided to give up
and keep those pieces hidden away in the hope the pain might stop

And she smiles when she sees me, but there is very little to say
We hide our pain with empty words and then we’re on our way