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The cards have been shuffled, the deck has been cut,
Ready to deal my hand, see if I’ve got any luck.
I know I might not lose, but I can’t see how I’ll win,
Playing this game of solitaire a- gain.

My favorite band has come to town, and I’ve got a ticket for one
I’m surrounded by strangers, eager to have some fun
We smile at each other, as they play our favorite songs
We raise our glasses high, together yet alone

There’s so much life has to offer, so many things to do.
I heard a song long ago that said everything’s better with two.
I’m sitting at the table, across from an empty chair,
shuffling my cards, for another game of solitaire.

Last night, after dinner, we were walking hand in hand
The waves washed away our footprints in the sand
I sang an old love song, you began to harmonize
But before that song was over, I opened my eyes
And found myself alone in bed, it was only a dream
You just can’t win, if the king’s not with his queen