Break On Through             Back to Lyrics

The night air is thick with the scent of perfume
The sound of a sax fills the room
She dreams of a place where the air runs cool
A place where she can live by her own rules

The noonday sun streams through the blinds
The pillow on her head can’t hide the light
A new day begins, but she knows how it will end
Better days may be coming, but she doesn’t know when

And she feels her tiny world closing in on her
And there’s nowhere to turn, to place to move
And she wishes for the strength, the power and the will
To attack the walls around her and break on through
Break on through

She remembers when she laughed so easily
Playing with the kids down the street
Always pretending she’d be a famous movie queen
Now her life is a play of empty scenes

This time she will break on through…
Oh I know she will break on through…
Break on through…