Leave Nothing in the Tank             Back to Lyrics

Walk along the river’s shore, hear the swelling water roar
Slow-dance with a rattle snake, feel yourself becoming more awake

Push yourself a little harder, try to go a even farther
Empty your piggy bank, leave nothing, nothing in the tank

Climb the highest mountain, and slide down twice as fast
Keep on rolling: make every moment last
Shine like a shooting star, make a few mistakes
And when you go, leave nothing in the tank

Love until your heart explodes, never take the easy road
Give away all your stuff, don’t give up when the going gets tough

Throw away your ball and chain, jump out of an airplane
Sing like there is no one home, above all, don’t cast the first stone

The world is yours, become more awake
Give much more than you take
The world is yours, whatever you make
Give much more than you take

Don’t back away or slow down, keep your foot off the brake and
Leave nothing, nothing in the tank.