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Everyone once in a while I leave the west
Head out to the east to get some rest
Leave the mountains and the scorching heat,
For a small country town surrounded by trees
Where all the townsfolk treat you like a guest

Wake up in the morning to a cool summer breeze
Watch the birds play hide and seek in the trees
Everyone in town knows who you are,
As soon as they see you with your guitar
So I play a song no one disagrees

And whenever I start feeling blue
I think of the good times I spent there with you
Those lazy summer walks through the pines
Those nights alone with your hand in mine were so beautiful, just like you

Those gray country roads beg you to drive
To hug their gentle curves through the country side
You can drive for miles without seeing a soul,
Maybe a fruit stand by the road
Or a flock of birds racing through the sky.

There’s an old winery 20 miles east
Family owned for the last two centuries
Feel yourself go back in time,
Drink their history and taste their wine,
On a clear summer day in God’s country

Last night I had the strangest dream I was stuck in a time machine
And all these memories became the reality of you and me